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Isabelle Bres is a French journalist. She hosted many shows in France for television and radio.
She’s also an interior designer. She’s known for the houses she buys in France and brings back to life.
She has worked on renovations of farmhouses in the French countryside, as well as apartments in the very chic and elegant seaside town of Trouville, or even apartments in the most popular areas of Paris such as Saint Germain des prés or the Champs-Elysées district.
Lately, an entire manor has regained its former glory with a modern, discreet and refined decoration that makes Isabelle’s style.
She loves the beautiful. For her, the place where we live is a haven of peace. Isabelle Bres likes to add to h er classic, sober and timeless style a touch brought back from travels around the world.
She has forged a special bond with Morocco and its talented craftsmen. Through this passion, it is also a strong commitment to bring craftsmanship to life and to allow villages to live thanks to their ancestral culture.
Very often, it is the women who weave and who make all the objects that you will discover. They are the ones who manage the cooperatives with which we work.
Thus, by using these noble materials to decorate our homes, we make villages live and empower women to earn a living and to be free and independent.
As a friend once told her, through this story, it is women who empower women.

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We have always strived to work with quality craftsmen from all over the world and particularly from Morocco.
Echoing the requirements of architecture, our desire is to support sustainable work and creation.
Each craftsman is chosen with care, with a concern for a job well done and respect for the environment.
We are proud to allow these craftsmen to continue to bring ancestral art to life. Especially since it is often the women who run the cooperatives with which we work.
This allows us to contribute a little more every day to empower women living in a man’s world.
We are a small company and we realize that this is a drop in the bucket.
But don’t we say that drops of water make great rivers ?